Product display

Didicer intelligent thermometer and hot cold pack for household use,which is to meet the demands of temperature measuring and bring down fever temeprature.

One second measurement

With the first DIR dynamic capture algorithm,

just one second to measure the temperature,

300 times faster than the traditional thermometer!


Low use imported medical grade sensor, multiple black correction,

The error is less than 0.2.




Strict use of medical ABS plastic molding,

children and pregnant women can Safe use.


Compact body portable,

Installed in the bag to go out to test on the test.


According to the human body engineering design,

measuring the position of the ear canal.

No injury to the ear canal, convenient measurement.

No battery

Powered by cell phone,

no battery is more environmentally friendly.

Our service

We provide intelligent temperature measurement and intelligent health hardware and software combination program, temperature monitoring customized solutions and the authenticity of the test application.

Health management API

Committed to the field of mobile health, continued research and development of innovative medical grade wearable measurement products.

Temperature and humidity monitoring

To provide users with temperature and humidity monitoring related to a fullrange of services, including monitoring, early warning, analysis, data storage.

Hologram  anti-counterfeit

The use of a full range of security technology architecture, the combination of visual and digital anti-counterfeiting technology, easy to use, but more security.